Greg Ingleson CFA, CFP

Managing Director | Financial Advisor

After more than 20 years of working in the Financial Services industry, Greg realized the vision to operate a premier full service… [ more ]

Renee Marchand

Marketing Associate

Renee has been a marketing associate with Core Financial Planning Group since 2011 and previously worked with a successful financial advisor with… [ more ]

Dinorah McCash

Dinorah McCash has a degree in Business Management and Hospitality. She has worked in the financial Industry for almost 20 years. In… [ more ]

Dan McCash

Dan has had two major professions in his life: After university in Scotland he was in the information technology field for many… [ more ]

Zach Feinstein

With over three years of experience working in retail banking in an advisory role, Zach brings both client service expertise as well… [ more ]

Esther Turner

Esther has had the good fortune to have been a self employed business owner for over 20 years. In her twenties she… [ more ]